Silence is Golden

What do you think of when you think of holidays? Maybe sandy beaches, sunny greek islands or chilling by the pool with a piña colada… Well what about sounds? I mean what sounds remind us of summer and particularly of holidays?

As I was on holiday recently this was the question I suddenly found myself thinking as I was driving around the greek island of Kefalonia with the window down looking out and listening to the sights and sounds around me. I think we can often too easily take for granted the sounds that we get on holiday, when I think they are such an important part of it. Imagine sitting on a perfect scenic beach and all you can hear is road noise, a nearby factory or constant aeroplane noise, it’s not a nice thought is it? Now imagine the same scene but all you can hear is the smooth sounds of grasshoppers and the water lapping up on the shore of the beach – I know which one i would prefer! And yes sounds can be replicated but it’s not quite the same is it.

For me, those sounds of grasshoppers, birds, sea and otherwise silence is just something you can’t replicate anywhere else, it’s something you need to experience first hand. Each of these is something we have in the UK but we never get to fully appreciate them as there are so few places that are unaffected by noise pollution now.

The video below gives a couple of short clips I filmed on holiday of some of the sounds I heard and enjoyed.

What are your favourite holiday sounds? Are there ones in the UK that you appreciate that you don’t get abroad?