To Silence All The Gun Nuts…

This article was written by my course mate and good friend Dom Attwell, who writes about the perception, theory and practical effectiveness of gun “silencers”. A very good article worth reading, one of the best I’ve read for a few weeks!

DomJohnAttwell - Acoustics

The confession:
To begin, I must iterate that I am not a gun specialist. I have never even held a firearm that didn’t shoot BB-pellets or lasers. That said, my kill-death ratio on computer games is out of this world… literally (I mostly play Halo).

The Question:
I get a lot of questions concerning the efficiency and plausibility of gun silencers. Hollywood tends to take great artistic liberties with these ‘magical’ devices, with the explosive discharge of these lethal weapons sounding more like a kitten sneezing.

Handgun with SilencerMotorbike Silencer

Ever heard a gunshot at close range? You would definitely know if you had…

The Life Story: (if inpatient just jump to ‘The Gist’…)
Late last year, our course was given an ‘acoustic tour’ of the Halle Orchestra’s Bridgewater Hall in central Manchester. While there, we conducted an experiment to measure the hall’s reverberation time, which involved creating an impulse response. Due to the hall’s…

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