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This is similar to my In the mode post from a couple of weeks ago, with more real world application!

DomJohnAttwell - Acoustics

Ever been to a gig and thought to yourself:
“that bass… is just too damn loud!”?
Well, if it’s a seated concert then I’m afraid there is not a lot you can do… just stick it out. But on a high note, if you’ve bought yourself a standing ticket, I have a beautiful solution for you… try moving.
You see, low frequencies (like the kind bass guitars make) have very different characteristics to the small wavelength frequencies you come across more often in daily life.
The lowest frequency a person can detect is 20Hz, (highest being 20,000Hz approx) lower than this it is entirely in-audible.
At this frequency, each sound pressure wave has a length of over 17 metres! And if a room goes untreated, these massive snaking pressure waves reflect (unabsorbed/damped) off opposite hard surfaces making things called standing waves.


Image Image

Just picture a big…

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