Why wear ear plugs?????

Interesting article from a friend regarding why we need to be careful of increased noise levels nowadays


As a musician, gig goer and acoustician noise levels appear frequently in my life, but what is so important about noise levels?

For example, ever go on a night out and wake up in the morning with ringing in your ears? If yes, then this is a short-term case of tinnitus, and is caused from the loud music and your friends shouting down your ears. How? In the inner ear, the hair cells are triggered by a sound wave entering the ear, (these hair cells convert the vibrations into an electrical pulse, that is sent to the brain) when there are exceptionally loud noises, these hair cells become damaged, and mistakenly send auditory information to the brain. In the case of a night out, I am sure you are aware the ringing is temporary and subsides after a few hours. This is because the damaged hair cells can repair themselves…

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